I  Have Caused To Be!



That’s a name one doesn’t hear much about in social, governmental or religious circles today when referring to the “Creator Of The Universe” is it!

One hears “god”, “lord”, “father”, “abba”, “adonai”. “jehovah”, “alpha and omega”, and let’s don’t forget “jesus”, and on and on the list goes.

Because the Jews didn’t know him, so wouldn’t trust him, Moses needed to know our Heavenly Father’s name in order to convince the Israelis to follow him out of Egypt, and the Father answered, (in one interpretation) my name is YHWH (without getting in to a lot of discussion, vowels were added to create the full name - Yahweh), and He said this is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations. (Exodus 3:15). While the name has different interpretations, we have chosen one of them we believe fit for His creativeness - I Have Caused To Be”.

We will always reference Him as Yahweh, and title Him as Heavenly Father, as we have come to know Him as both Friend and Father as He leads our lives.


What a huge controversy bible translations have caused on this earth. There are those that say the King James Version of the Bible is the ONLY version and all else fall short. We don’t speak in the poetic style of that bible, (which was re-written for King James obviously) and have discovered over the years later translations that are written in English suffice because it’s the message we’re seeking, not the style it is written in. We have selected the “New Living Translation”.


We do not rely on the new testament for anything. Quite frankly, we wish it didn’t even exist because the new testament centers itself around a figure OTHER than Yahweh. It was not part of the original word of the Heavenly Father given Moses, and it most certainly compromises much of those instructions for our lives.

We have been shown that ALL of the word of our Father is found in the old testament of Moses and His chosen prophets, as well as His “Book Of Instruction” which is His guide for our lives. We also only believe in ONE savior -YAHWEH - He said it Himself He is our ONLY Savior and Redeemer, the Mighty One of Israel, Isaiah 60 vs.16



We certainly acknowledge that this information might be sensitive for some readers, but so too are the words of His Israeli prophets of centuries ago. Their own people all too often not only failed to listen to them, in some cases they even killed them.

However, the Heavenly Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, instructs us to listen to His prophets. We have, we do, and as a result, we no longer believe in any religion.

We have concluded Father Yahweh created L I F E not religion, and that religion hides the truth of our Father, diverts His ways, changes His directives, teaches opposite of His instructions for our lives, and in some religions, sets up central figures ahead of or above Him which we believe is out-right Idolatry.

By Faith we Believe Him. By Faith we Trust Him. And by Faith we love Him so much we’ll do anything He wants of us in this very, very short test of physical life in these bodies that all expire back to dust.

When He raises us, we absolutely want to be found in His book and be bound for the land of Israel where we’ll live in harmony forever.

“I, yes I am Yahweh, and there is no other Savior”. Isaiah 43 vs. 11


We Shall Have No Other “gods” In Place of Him!