The Messenger

Richard (Dick) Allen

Over a quarter of a century with He and His word and it’s simplicity for life are at your service.

2Yahweh is intended to bring you to Him, not religion.

Please Absorb This Eternal Truth

Our Creator physically entered our existence (as He has done just a few times since His creation) and He personally and verbally as well as through His chosen prophets and messengers, outlined for us the life He expects us to live.

From Genesis to Malachi you’ll find all about Him and His expectations.

Our Creator’s Kingdom is not religion, it’s life

His Kingdom will never end and never be destroyed.

Our Creator, the Heavenly Father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob NEVER posed any of these requirements to be a part of His Kingdom:

You have to be born again. - NEVER!

You have to be baptized - NEVER!

You must believe in a son of a god - NEVER!

You must believe in a mother of a god - NEVER!

You must belong to a particular religion - NEVER!

You must attend religious services regularly - NEVER!

He does require you to


His Creation

The universe He created is held together by His law and order, including ourselves.

For we humans, He also laid down the right way to live within His law and order and He personally orated the basics from Mt. Sinai.

Then with His own finger, He etched them in stone. 

His laws have nothing to do with religion, they have everything to do with life and in this short span of existence in these mortal bodies, we have very little time to learn and apply His laws, His steps for us to enter into His Kingdom, forever

Yahweh Newsletters

Understanding life with and for our Creator is published in weekly newsletters titled by the name He gave Moses when He called him to rescue His chosen nation, Yahweh!

Hundreds are available for subscribers in the archives.