Our Creator

His World!

He's Patiently Waiting!

In all the world, the Creator of our Universe is looking forward to the day when “His” people make up “His” special treasure!

We don't call Him god because that's the title over 4,200 religions use and who knows who their god is.

We reach to Him by the title He's given us,

Heavenly Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

He gave His actual name to Moses and we not only honor His name,

we are unafraid to call out to Him by that name 


“His” people are not religious!

“His” people do not congregate in religious buildings!

“His” people do not subject themselves to religious rites and myths!

“His” people fear Him, believe Him, trust Him and love Him

“His” people are scattered all over the world and seek only Him.

From the time of Adam, He has not changed and still wants the

one-on-one relationship with those of the human race He created.

However, He did not create puppets, He created human beings with choice and it’s that choice that makes all the difference in the eternal world ahead.

We only have about 70-odd-years of life to make a choice for Yahweh!

We are not here to debate religion with anyone, we are here to help those who believe the words He said forth beginning at Mt. Sinai.

We are looking for those scattered around the globe who choose to believe Him and He only.

Though many will not agree with us or you, He sees your faith and is there  for you.

If you believe Him, we can help you grow in that trust.

If not, thank you for visiting 2yahweh.com