His World!

He Defined Us!

Our Father in Heaven defines "His" treasure as human beings who fear Him,  and who honor His name.

When it comes time for Him to act in judgement, He will spare "His" people just as a father spares an obedient child.

Then the world will know the difference between the righteous and the wicked, between those who SERVE Him and those who do not.

With that in mind, we who believe Him do not title Him as a god because that title is used by over 4,200 religions. Who knows who or what their god might be.

We reach to Him by the title He has given us,

Heavenly Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We honor the actual name He gave to Moses - YAHWEH!

As we've come to understand His principles of law and order we've learned:

Hispeople are not religious, they are righteously obedient!

His people do not need to congregate in buildings, they worship Him where they stand!

His people do not follow man-made religious rites and myths, they ignore them!

His people were scattered all over the world, and now individually seek only Him.

 Most importantly

“His” people FEAR Him, BELIEVE Him, TRUST Him and LOVE Him.

We're looking for you, the "scattered society" of believers.

We understand that from the time of Adam, Yahweh has not changed and believe He still desires the one-on-one relationship with the human race He first created.

We know He did not create us as puppets, He created us as human beings with choice and it’s that CHOICE that makes all the difference in the eternal world ahead.

We ALL only have about 70-odd-years of life to make a choice for Him!

As servants, we do not exist to debate about religion!

We exist to serve our Heavenly Father by helping those who believe the words He said forth beginning at Mt. Sinai.

We seek those scattered around the globe who choose to believe Him, His words, His commandments, His decrees, His regulations and His directives for life.

Sadly, there are those who will not agree with us, however as when He flooded the earth, they didn't believe Him then either.

We can help you grow in your trust without any religion, without any organization, without any government, and especially without any false teachers or preachers.

Just You and He and His True Word,

Genesis to Malachi.

If you disagree, thank you for visiting 2yahweh.com